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Sandra's 2019 Achievement

With His Excellency Mr.Ambassador Rene Koto Sounon of Republic of Benin in Canada.

With Ms.Justice Adeyanju the strong woman that put all the ideas together for Miss Benin USA 2019.

Honored by the Nigeria government in Abuja Nigeria

With Dr.Ngozy Obichukwu in EBONYI in Nigeria working and empowering women .

#Sandra Featured in the Africa Mondo Magazine in 2019.

With the first runner up of Miss Benin USA 2019.

With the owner and the director of the common good show in Atlanta getting ready for an interview.

With Zenab the singer of Benin and the ambassador of UNICEF .

Posing with the beautiful Miss Afrique Quebec. Together we are strong

With the beautiful Miss Benin USA 2019. One empowered voice can empower the voiceless.

With the Generational survivors co-authors

On a movie set doing what I love with Wendy Bangura the producer and director of The Lifestyle Versus Reality TV series.

With his Excellency, General Alwali Jauje Kazir

With Governor Dr.Adeleye in Abuja Nigeria speaking to men and women.

About Me

Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou

Motivational Speaker in USA

My name is Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou, originally from the beautiful country of Togo and was born in the family of seven siblings. My family and I are currently living in Virginia Beach and I am a mother of five beautiful children, two girls and three boys. Yes, you did hear me right; five children! My family is everything to me and I  wouldn’t change anything about it. They have brought joy and strength into my life. I am so grateful to have them as my support system since day one. I had been married for nineteen years and I am so grateful to have a beautiful and very supportive family. I have been blessed to be living in the United States since 2002. My family and I have met wonderful people and women from whom I have learned how to use my voice to support them anyway I can.

I have participated in many leadership gatherings and today I am very confident that I will be giving back to
the community through my service as a coach and as a speaker. I am very excited because I know that everyone that I will meet, I will be a blessing and we will embark on the journey of restauration and empowerment, so the world will be a better place to live in.


Sandra's BOOKS

Five Steps to Your Success

Set Goals with the Greatest Positive Impact

We are often pulled in many directions, which makes it hard to accomplish even one small goal

Make SMART Goals for Best Results

To make goals that are focused and achievable, they need to be S.M.A.R.T.

Writing Goals Down Is Essential

Writing goals in a daily planner, a journal or even on sticky notes, helps focus our attention on them and makes them more real.

Think of Potential Obstacles and Real Solutions

Obstacles to achieving goals can include fear of failure, fear of success and lack of self-confidence.

Focus on Goals Everyday

Focusing daily on our goals helps us succeed in reaching them because it’s a constant reminder of what we desire in life.

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Successful Stories

My name is Gisyola  Paul and it is a great pleasure and a privilege to talk to you about Motivational Speaker in USA Sandra and also my motivation friend. Sandra and I we’ve been friends for years our youngest kids went to the same daycare, and  they’re still going to the same elementary. The reason why I’m writing you this, is because she’s my motivation for years, she knows how to lead. She’s been through a lot but somehow she always find a way to get through. She’s a powerful person once she walks up to a room and talks people focus on her, because she’s captivates the audience with her good attitude she knows how to elevate people when you’re down. That’s why I vote for her thanks.

Gisyola Paul​

My name is Angel and I’m a chef. Motivational Speaker Sandra has been my beautician for a decade. She’s always determined to find change and see good in others. Despite all of her problems, she never lets it show and has always been so encouraging and has treated me like family. From the day I met Sandra in the USA, I knew she was special. I’ve seen her encourage many other women and it has changed my life. She is a strong, determined mother and wife, even though she’s been a victim of domestic abuse. She told me that her vision was not what’s going on, but what she can make out of it. I know she will succeed because of her passion, commitment, and hard work.


Sandra is a  Motivational Speaker in USA who inspires women to rise above all circumstances through her encouraging words and transparent testimony. Wherever she speaks, people are captivated by her story and her ability to preserve into the powerful female motivational speaker she is today. In the face of adversity, she used fitness and health as a tool for empowerment. Not only is Sandra an international female motivational speaker and a certified life coach, but she also represents the face of hope and as a result of my interaction with Sandra, I am fully confident despite my past obstacles, I can overcome.

Joy O. Manning

I am so happy to be connected to Motivational Speaker in USA Ms. Sandra Sakponou of Sandra’s Motivational Coaching. Sandra is such a Loving and Professional Motivational Speaker with the gift of really connecting with her clients. I enjoy the fact that her sense of understanding and humor provide a safe and calm setting where you can be totally transparent concerning any issues you may have experienced without any judgment. She really motivates you to use your pain for your purpose. I would definitely recommend her services!

Janiane Harrod-Browne