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Over the last two years of knowing (Sandra) Adzowavi Sakponou Adenka she has shown great strength, courage and determination. Ms. Adenka the author of “Heart of a Warrior” exudes just that image daily. Even as she faces many challenges as an entrepreneur on the rise, Ms. Adenka continues to push pass adversity by being a shining light to her many followers in her “Warrior Mindset Fitness Group”. She is an inspirational representation for women of all ethnicities but most of all “African Women” whose voices have not been heard. Her powerful message which is conveyed through her life struggles of being abused shows not only how resilient she is but how motivated she has become to invoke a positive change in not only her life but the life of others. She is an encourager, a true warrior and a person of great character who believes in giving to those in need. 

Ms. Adenka is the founder and visionary for “Speak up for a Change” which is her nonprofit organization. Ms. Adenka has engaged in a lot of philanthropic work within her organization; hosting countless back to school drives for numerous village children in her native country of “Africa”, she is also working very hard to ensure that these villages have adequate drinking water, food, clothes etc. 

Ms. Adenka continues to be a “beacon” of hope and a leader in her community, striving for the best. Not only does she exemplify empowerment through her words, but she also empowers through her fitness program.

Today you will find Ms. Adenka in the gym staying fit physically as well as mentally or on a speaking platform “Speaking Out for a Change”.


Saadia White 

Founder & Visionary of Eyes Wide Open Empowering People Globally

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