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Life Motivational Coaches in USA: 51 Best in the World in 2018

World’s best motivational speakers are providing motivational coaching to the people to motivate them. It is very amazing and interesting as well as exiting work to motivate people. Day by day this process is converting into business. You can also join this business and make your own profit.

Here is the list of 51 most amazing Motivational Coaches in USA and all over the world. They are the Motivational Speakers who can impact on you directly or indirectly to improve your life experience to face the issues related to your life and makes your life easy and fills with lots of fun.

51 Best Motivational Speakers to provide coaching to Motivate people

  1. Christian Mickelson

He is the best business motivational coach in the world. Listen to him and change your business strategy. Website:

  1. Susan James

She is the human potential motivational coach who motivates people that how to quit your mind very effectively.


  1. Esther Hicks

She is the Motivational Coach of Law of Attraction. Website:

  1. Bob Doyle

He is also the motivational coach of the law of attraction. Website:

  1. Cheri Huber


  1. Bob Proctor


  1. T Harv Eker


  1. Aryana Rollins

She is the Cybernetic Transposition Motivational Coach. Website:

  1. Anthony Robbins

He is the Peak Performance Motivational Coach. Website:

  1. John Assaraf

He is the Business and mindset motivational speaker & coach. Website:

  1. Brian Tracy

He is the business and sales International motivational speaker & coach. Website:

  1. Jim Britt

He is the best Manifesting Money Motivational Coach. Website:

  1. Terri Levine

She is the business and best motivational speaker or you can say that coach. Website:

  1. Milana Leshinsky

She is the multiple income solutions providing motivational coach. Website:

  1. James Ray

He is the best performance, International Motivational Speaker & coach. Website:

  1. Kris Belfry

He is the best healer and health motivational coach to motivation about health. Website:

  1. Peter Rowe

He is also the business coach to motivate people about their business. Website:

  1. Kendall Summerhawk

She is the best and gorgeous Marketing Motivational Coach or you can say that speaker. Website:

  1. Yaro streak

He is the blogging motivational coach to motivate about blogging. Website:

  1. Joe Vitale

He is the spiritual marketing motivational coach. Website:

  1. Jack Canfield

He is very honest and peak performance motivational introducer or you can say that coach. Website:

  1. Richard Bandler

He is the best transformational speaker and coach. Website:

  1. Deepak Chopra

He is the best motivated spiritual speaker or you can say that the best coach to motivate people for spirituality. His main method is to motivate people via meditation day by day till the infinity. Website:

  1. Lise Bourbeau

She is the best Health healing motivational coach. Website:

  1. Marci Shimoff

She’s motto to provide the best feeling to enjoy life by getting fun in life. You can say that she is a very popular happiness motivational person or speaker whose only aim to motivate people for enjoying their life and not getting much serious for it. According to us, she is LOL (Lots of Love) coach. Website:

  1. Burt Goldman

You can say about him that he is the world’s best Mindset Motivational Speaker whose motto to clearly set the mind of people for their life or career also but not in the serious form. Because according to him seriousness loses the mind of any person. So always be ready to make your life very happy and take decisions in that form, not seriously. Website:

  1. Wayne Dyer

He is the also one of the best spiritual motivational coaches. He focuses on “Law of Attraction” method to motivate people or giving them coaching for spirituality. Website:

  1. Robin Sharma

He is the best coach or you can say that best motivational mentor to tech that “How to become the best leader in your work.” Website:

  1. Stephen Pierce

He is the best Online Marketing or you can say that one of the best digital marketing coach. According to us he is very impressive or bests Digital Marketing Motivational Coach who motivates people to go with digital marketing to make your life easy with that technology and make your life happy. Website:

  1. Louise Hay

She is one of the best motivational coaches in the world whose main work is to motivate or providing coaching that how to understand “Spirituality in that world”. Website:

  1. Werner Erhard

He is also the transformational coach whose motto to teach to the people that how to transform your life from worst to best. Website:

  1. Eckhart Tolle

He is another best Motivational Coach whose target to teach the audience that how to happy in present time and not worry about future difficulties. Website:

  1. Neale Donald Walsch

He helps you to communicate with the God. He is a very impressive Motivational Coach. Website:

  1. Robert Scheinfeld

He provides coaching to the people for a transformation of money. That means how to make money via his money making methods. Website:

  1. John Kehoe

He provides coaching related to mind power that means how to use the power of your mind to make yourself happy and strong who can handle any situation at any cost by adding fun in it. Website:

  1. Don Miguel Ruiz

He also comes into one of the best spiritual coaches who wants only to motivate people for spirituality about the human being. Website:

  1. Bill Bartmann

He is an awesome coach who wants to become everybody a billionaire. I like this Billionaire Motivational Coach.

  1. Seth Godin

He is a very popular marketing coach. He loves to motivate people for marketing. Website:

  1. Michael E. Gerber

He motivates people to build up own business. He provides coaching for it. Website:

  1. Brendon Burchard

He is an expert in providing the business guidance to the people. Everybody say him Business Expert Coach. Website:

  1. David Bach

He is a Financial Coach that means who provides guidance related finance and money. He motivates people to work in finance that means how to improve your finance related issues. Website:

  1. Robert G. Allen

He is a money coach who provides coaching to increase your revenue in the form of money that means the wealth of your business. Website:

  1. Frank Kern

He is also Digital Marketing or you can say that Online Marketing Coach. In other word Internet Marketing Guider. Website:

  1. Bill Harris

He is Human power in the form of potential guider or coach. Website:

  1. Steve Pavlina

He works for growth that means how to grow yourself or your business in the real life without losing your life or own self. Website:

  1. Stephen Covey

How to generate leadership skill in your body? He helps with it or you can say that he provides coaching for it. Website:

  1. Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt

They help people to make a relationship better in their life and how to handle everything in their busy lives to secure it. Website:

  1. Craig Ballantyne

He motivates people for increasing their strength and makes them more powerful in their life by healing them internally. Website:

  1. Lavon Lawrence

He provides Brain Training to the people or you can say that he provides coaching to become your brain physically or mentally strong for fighting with your problems in life.

  1. Gary Van Warmerdam

He gives the training to the people how to become happy in their life. Website:

  1. Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou

Sandra Adzowavi is one of the best female motivational speaker in the USA who motivates people mostly women to fight with daily life issues easily and not regretting yourself.

SAS (Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou) loves her profession.

She’s also a housewife of a smart husband who is in army and mother of 5 children, in which two are girls and three are boys.

She is also a world’s best motivational coach in USA.


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