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Top 11 International Motivational Speakers in the World in 2018

A motivational speaker or a person who can motivate anybody is a speaker who has the power to inspire anybody to him out from any type of situation which can good or bad easily, mostly badly (smile).

In all over the world, lots of international motivational speakers are available who are doing their work to motivate people. But there are only a few speakers are doing stand out work of motivation. We can’t be fit them into any category easily because they are at the top level. That’s the reason, we are telling you about them here. Read about them here at changing your life which has become boring.

List of Top 11 International Motivational Speakers

  1. Nick Vujicic
  2. Tony Robbins
  3. Eric Thomas
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  5. Zig Ziglar
  6. Wayne W.Dyer
  7. Jim Rohn
  8. Les Brown
  9. Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou
  10. Brian Tracy
  11. Robin Sharma


1.Nick Vujicic

According to me if anybody can’t inspire by Nick then we think he can’t be motivated by any other person. Nick was born without arms or legs, but still, he is happy without arms or legs and he is enjoying own life. He is a very funny guy and also has a good sense of humor.

His motivation process is very different, he tells jokes in his motivational talks and places that jokes on himself for fun among the audiences.

He tells the people that never give up on any type of worst situation and fight with joy with your daily life problems. He says nothing is impossible because everybody knows very well that impossible meaning is “I Am Possible.”. You have to control your life yourself, not give the control of yourself to your life.

2.Tony Robbins

Tony has a very good personality and very passionate and impressive character in motivation profession. He loves his work. He is the only motto to help people to achieve their goals and find out themselves into this competitive world.

Mostly Motivational Speakers only talk about motivation not help to motivate them. How to grow yourself, how to react on worst situations or how to handle them. These are the most important points of Tony Robbins.

According to the Robbins, “Long Ago, I realized that success leaves clues and that people who produce outstanding results do specific things to create those results.”

Does he start his speeches with the basics of what do you want to accomplish in your life first and what is the reason behind it? And after he goes deep into it and explains all the things about the achievement process of your goal.

3.Eric Thomas

He is a very impressive character and a very good motivational speaker who can motivate easily any person for his work. According to me, if we have much passion as Eric we can change our thinking level or you can that we can be on another level of knowledge to understand Life prospectus.

He would not tell you anything with rapping into sugar. His nickname according to Motivated Audience is Hip Hop Preacher. He says when you start your work with him (during motivation) you can get success as much as faster because of changing your mood with the help of Motivational tutorials.

4.Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold thinks about his goals that he wants to accomplish and starts working to achieve those goals. He doesn’t care about any situation which can be good or bed or ups and downs. He believes in himself. It is the most important factor in his life. He is very honest and discipliner in his life and that’s reason to get success in his life.

He knows very well that how success can be difficult to get it in our life. But don’t afraid and continue your work to achieve your goal. You have to stubborn for your goal, control your heart beats at the time of achievement of your goal because that is not the end point, work more till the end of your life and So don’t stop yourself.

That is the spirit which makes him a perfect Motivational Speaker. According to him, your spirit towards your goal, not to surrender yourself into the foot of critics or any type of problem, that is the form of a good strength.

5.Zig Ziglar

From 1970, He has been traveled almost 5 million miles across all over the world to deliver his great message to the people that life is great and full of joy; enjoy it; not to afraid with it and not to make it boring and don’t waste in thinking about the problems of life just fulfill it with happiness and then see the results of it.

He wants that people see the energy of change among them towards life. That means life is very awesome, you have to see it from your eyes. He is a very talented motivational speaker and author in all over the world.

6.Dr. Wayne W.Dyer

Dr. Dyer has been written may book and also you can watch many programs of him on PBS.

He was born into poverty but he did not give up on his poverty condition and started to work to accomplish his dreams.

He includes in his motivational speeches, the Power of Intention; About the Change of Thoughts, How to change your life; and much more things.

He conducts lectures, a series of audios and also the publication of new books.

He also includes his personal life experience in his motivational talks’ examples.

7.Jim Rohn

He helped many people to achieve success. In this list motivational speaker Anthony Robbins also included.

He knows for his powerful and inspirable speeches that direct hit to the heart and soul of the audiences.

He can help you to get out of the critical situations of your life and also make your life dreams come true.

8.Les Brown

Mr. Brown was born on February 17, 1945, with his twin brother Wesley in Low-income family, Miami, Florida.

After that because of the family condition, he is subsequently given up or after adopted by Mamie Brown, she was a 38-year-old single woman who worked as a cafeteria attendant and also a domestic assistant.

Brown was declared an “educable mentally retarded person” when he is in grade school. His mother encouraged him and also with his high school teacher helped him to come back into his life with the full potential.

This is the first key point for him to get success in his life.

He says, believe in yourself and he forces people to be bold in their life and motivate own self with much confidence.

He tells that most people fail in their life not because their aim is too high and they can’t reach there, but because they aim their target at low and they try to hit it.

9.Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou

Sandra is the best motivational speaker in USA.

SAS (Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou) works for those women who are not satisfied with their life and tired from their daily routine life and who doesn’t want to fight with everyday life problems.

She encourages them and readies them to face the daily routine problems of our life with fun, not to via making them boring.

SAS is the mother of five children, two girls, and three boys.

Currently, she is living in Virginia Beach, United State (US). She says to make your life full of joy not boring it.

Because it is only for a few days and so make it very happy, not irritate own self with daily life problems and face them with joy.

10.Brian Tracy

He was born on the 5th of January, 1944 in Canada. He is CEO of a company “Brian Tracy International” that aims to help individuals and organizations to develop them, trained them, and also grow in their work.

His overall goal is to help other people to achieve their goal at a high level with the full power of confidence and potential.

He sets the foundation to become one of the best international motivational speakers in the world.

He also works as a researcher in business, economics, psychology, and philosophy.

According to the motivated audience, he is the best professional speaker, bestselling author, entrepreneur and also a success expert in his life.

11.Robin Sharma

He was born in Nepal in 1964 and went out to Dalhousie University School of Law to become a professional lawyer.

He has been written total 15 of books from 1995 to 2011, on leadership and self-motivation.

His most popular book was “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” which has been sold over 5 millions copies of it worldwide.

In this book, a character called Julian decides to sell his home and also his Ferrari to go on a journey of spirituality, after getting a sudden heart attack.

Somebody says Robin Sharma is not only a motivational speaker also a motivational author rather than a speaker who only speak with only his pen and copy and who has the power to change the life.

He comes into the 12 International Best Sellers and also in the world of leadership, he is an expert author.


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