About Me

Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou

Motivational Speaker in USA

My name is Sandra Adzowavi Sakponou, originally from the beautiful country of Togo and was born in a family of seven siblings. My family and I are currently living in Virginia Beach and I’m a military wife and a mother of beautiful five, two girls and three boys. Yes, you did hear me right five children! my family is everything to me and I wouldn’t change anything about it. They have brought joy and strength into my life. I am so grateful to have them as my support system since day one.  I’ve been married for seventeen years and I am so grateful to have a beautiful and very supportive family.

I have been blessed to be living in the United States since 2002 my family and I have met wonderful people especially with a passion for women where I have learned how to use my voice to support them any way I can. I have participated in many leadership gathering and today I am very confident that I will be giving back to the community through my service as a Motivational Coach and as a Motivational Speaker in USA. I am very excited because I know that everyone that I will meet I will be a blessing and we will embark on the journey of restoration and empowerment, so the world will be in a better place.

Who is Sandra? You must be asking yourself who is Sandra and why should I listen to Sandra? Sandra is a Female Motivational Speaker in USA and also a great person that will inspire you in every situation you are going through. She has been trained to listen and to be a support to everyone who comes across her path. In my journey in this life when I couldn’t talk or relate to anyone I did learn how to keep going no matter what. My faith in God did help me to grow and to trust that he has my life in his hands and nothing will happen to me. One of the thing that I did learn most is the courage to speak and that is why I will be spending the rest of my life supporting people and especially women in their process of becoming what God’s has placed them to do in this earth.


My name is Gisyola  Paul and it is a great pleasure and a privilege to talk to you about Motivational Speaker in USA Sandra and also my motivation friend. Sandra and I we’ve been friends for years our youngest kids went to the same daycare, and  they’re still going to the same elementary. The reason why I’m writing you this, is because she’s my motivation for years, she knows how to lead. She’s been through a lot but somehow she always find a way to get through. She’s a powerful person once she walks up to a room and talks people focus on her, because she’s captivates the audience with her good attitude she knows how to elevate people when you’re down. That’s why I vote for her thanks.

Gisyola Paul​

My Life Journey

My intention for starting the coaching Business/program or to become Motivational Speaker in USA is to encourage everyday women to not giving up when the fight is hard and to give them hope because I know what it means not to have hope and not to have anyone around when I was going through in my own journey. I also wanted to be there for people and women to hold their hands while they are going through. I want to give them my ears and my time as a Motivational Speaker or Coach, so they can feel supported as I remembered like my aunt and my mom were there for women in their circle and in the community. I am here to remind everyone I came across especially women that you are unique and there is the purpose why you are in this earth and I am here to help you get back on your feet as a warrior and as a fighter that you know that you are.

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